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Win Back 2 Out Of 3 Visitors

More than half of your visitors leave because they open a new browser tab.

RescueTraffic enables you to retarget these abandoned visitors, making 2 out of 3 come back.

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Monthly Visitors 47,000
1,000 1,000,000

Our tests show that 57% of your visitors abandon your site by clicking on another browser tab. That's visitors leaving your site for another tab (every month).

Monthly Revenue (USD) 14,000
5,000 50,000

RescueTraffic makes up to 68% of your abandoned visitors come back, saving you visitors every month!

Let's divide visitors with revenue to see what a visitor is worth to you.

Average Visitor Value 0

Finally, we multiply your Average Visitor Value by the number of visitors rescued.

RescueTraffic helps you make 0

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How RescueTraffic makes
abandoned visitors come back

RescueTraffic detects when a visitor leaves your site for another browser tab.

RescueTraffic then optimizes your site’s browser tab in 3 ways.


Custom browser tab title


Play sounds


Dynamic favicon

The result?
RescueTraffic brings back
2 out of 3 abandoned visitors!

Includes everything you need to maximize performance




Manage campaigns from one, simple, backend.

Eliminate guesswork and get results using analytics and split testing.

Customize the browser tab to your liking and go live within minutes.


Manage campaigns from one, simple, backend.


Eliminate guesswork and get results using analytics and split testing.


Customize the browser tab to your liking and go live within minutes.

"I built this for myself. When I saw the results, I had to turn it into a product."

The ROI on retargeting visitors is unmatched.

So, why wasn’t I using my websites’ browser tabs to retarget visitors?

No solution existed, so I decided to get it built.

The results blew me away…

"RescueTraffic makes 176,414 visitors come back to my sites every month!"

Here’s what happened when I used RescueTraffic for my 2 online course businesses (Proximo & Spreadsheeto).

On the first site, RescueTraffic made 64% of abandoned visitors come back.

On the second site, RescueTraffic saved a whopping 68% of abandoned visitors!

It took just 10 minutes of work and now RescueTraffic brings back close to ~200,000 visitors every month!

Make your visitors come back and convert

Get all the tools you need to retarget abandoned visitors in your website’s browser tab.

Set it up yourself or get us to do it.


Get full control.

You get


Get results without spending time.

You get

$ 99


+$1500 one-time setup fee

Multiple sites? Custom needs? Or questions? Contact us!

90-day satisfaction guarantee​

We guarantee that you’ll love RescueTraffic.

In the (unlikely) event that you’re not satisfied with RescueTraffic, you don’t pay.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. More integrations are coming!

No, search engines will read your pages just like before. RescueTraffic might improve your SEO as it decreases your bounce rate and increases time on site.

Yes, but each browser has its own rules. Safari on iOS will show favicon and dynamic title, but not play a sound. Chrome on desktop shows dynamic title and favicon and plays a sound. It depends a lot on the browser and device.

Try the calculator and see what sort of results you can expect. If you for whatever reason aren’t satisfied, you’re protected by our 90-day money-back guarantee.

Yes! They wanted to engage on your site, but got distracted and left. RescueTraffic brings them back so they can convert into leads and customers.

No. If you’ve installed a WordPress plugin before, getting RescueTraffic up and running is extremely easy and takes less than 5 minutes from start to finish.

Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll take care of the rest.

Yes! You can split anything from different browser tab titles, favicons, sounds, and much more.

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